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Icecap - pipe freezing with a difference  

Built-in thermometer takes the guesswork out of pipefreezing


Icecap Benefits

  • Quick and easy to use
  • No need to drain down system
  • No more worrying about the length of freeze 
  • Evenfreeze allows more  efficient dispersal of gas through sleeve 
  • Freeze efficiency enables smaller sleeve, enables jobs in tighter spaces (sleeve dimensions are 110 mm long, 53 mm wide)
  • Less spray required, as no need to over-freeze. One 425ml can (included in kit) sufficient for a freeze up to 28mm pipe diameter; 360ml can for 22mm.
  • Longer jobs no problem - just check gauge and top up as necessary

The built-in thermometer indicates when the pipe is frozen and more importantly when the ice core is starting to melt, so further gas can be injected into the sleeve to prolong working time if required. As only the correct amount of gas is used to form the ice core, significant savings can be made in gas usage and cost.

The longer story ...

Addressing the shortcomings of pipe freeze technology

Anybody who has ever used a pre-existing aerosol freezer will know that, while the products are extremely useful, they do have some shortcomings:

- The temperature inside the sleeve is unknown and therefore the temperature of the core itself is unknown - 'is the water frozen/is there an ice-plug in the pipe'?

- The level of freezing through the span of the freezer-sleeve around and along the pipe is uneven and unpredictable, so one part of the wrapped area might be heavily frozen, while another might not be capped

- No-one knows how much gas to use to ensure that the ice core is not thawing before a job ends, resulting in apprehension and regular 'safety-first' top-ups. Far too much gas tends to be used

- Because no-one knows when the core is thawing, this can often cause anxiety

- The sleeve has to be broad to ensure a good area of contact and hopefully good freeze, but this restricts the number of jobs for which freezing could be utilised

- Regardless of applying needs-must remedies, there is a lot of uncertainty, especially on a hot day

Addressing those shortfalls

- IceCap utilises a built-in thermometer

- Armarge technology utilises an even freeze technology (Patent No 1603454.8) ensuring a more efficient freeze and a narrower sleeve (dimensions above)

In implementing those changes, Armarge has utilised streamlined design and manufacturing to reduce costs and therefore the price to the plumber, giving a premium product at what we believe is a very reasonable price

The result in summary - efficiency and reliability (freeze with confidence); a premium product at a very reasonable price