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Addressing the shortcomings of pipe freeze technology

Anybody who has ever used a pre-existing aerosol freezer will know that, while the products are extremely useful, they do have some shortcomings:

- The temperature inside the sleeve is unknown and therefore the temperature of the core itself is unknown - 'is the water frozen/is there an ice-plug in the pipe'?

- The level of freezing through the span of the freezer-sleeve around and along the pipe is uneven and unpredictable, so one part of the wrapped area might be heavily frozen, while another might not be capped

- No-one knows how much gas to use to ensure that the ice core is not thawing before a job ends, resulting in apprehension and regular 'safety-first' top-ups. Far too much gas tends to be used

- No-one knows when the core is thawing and this can often cause anxiety

- The sleeve has to be broad to ensure a good area of contact and hopefully good freeze, but this restricts the number of jobs for which freezing could be utilised

- Regardless of applying needs-must remedies, there is a lot of uncertainty, especially on a hot day

Addressing those shortfalls

- IceCap utilises a built-in thermometer

- Armarge technology utilises an even freeze technology (Patent No 1603454.8)

- Other technology has been implemented to ensure a more efficient freeze

In implementing those changes, Armarge has utilised streamlined design and manufacturing to reduce costs and therefore the price to the plumber, giving a premium product at what we believe is a very reasonable price

 The result in summary - efficiency and reliability (freeze with confidence)

- Less of the product needs to be used

- There is a more even freeze

- There is a more certain freeze

- A narrower sleeve, enabling the IceCap to be used in a  greater number  of situations

-  A premium product at a very reasonable price