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About us

Backed by a group of experienced businessmen and investment professionals, Armarge is bringing a range of innovative, cost-effective, tools to professional plumbers, beginning with Icecap.

Practical innovation

John Magrath, the company's MD, has developed, patented and brought to market several inventions of engineered products across a number of industries. He has substantial experience in the professional plumbing tools industry, as well as both selling into, and sourcing from, large international markets.

A champion of British engineering and design, he strongly believes that a huge uplift for 'UK engineering plc' would accrue from focusing primarily upon its comparative advantage in engineering innovation and design, rather than looking to compete in 'commodity' markets. To that end, Armarge is taking to market intellectual property based products, built around practical innovation.

National and regional engineering and design skills; global markets and products

One of the company's ambitions is to establish itself as a centre of excellence in the commercialisation of engineering design, utilising the considerable academic and skilled labour resources on its doorstep in the North-West to target global markets of scale. 

Customer- led; greater functionality/lower cost designed in

Led by observing plumbers' practical needs, the company has a simple approach of designing into its products a combination of greater functionality and lower cost.

Low overheads 

Our delayered model reduces operational costs, which we are again able to pass onto customers via lower pricing.

Premium products, premium customer service

Significantly helped by short lines of communication, and no legacy infrastructure, we work closely with our selected merchants to ensure that both plumbers' (and merchants' own) expectations are fully met.

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